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allow a loved one to pamper and indulge!
Order a gift voucher here or over the phone and arrange a free postal delivery service or we can arrange a date and time for the voucher to be picked up. Voucher can be paid for over the phone or in person.

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Our gift voucher bags consist of a voucher of your choice*, with our price list and free skin care samples as an added gift!

To buy a gift voucher; fill in our online form or contact us on 

0116 2849966. You can place an order by simply leaving your name and the value/treatment you want the voucher to be worth. Let us know when you can collect your gift voucher or if you would prefer to have your gift voucher delivered. 

Help! I don't know what treatment they usually have!

Don't worry, we have all our client booking information and can tell you exactly what they book in for regularly or as a treat! 

*We offer vouchers for specific treatments, our most popular including Dermalogica Facials, massages and manicures. We also offer vouchers for monetary value to be redeemed against a treatment of the receiver's choice - perfect if you're unsure what they'd enjoy most! We offer values between £5-£100 for your gift voucher. 

Please note that during the run up to Christmas and Mothers Day it is best to collect your voucher early or place an order to assure you get yours in time.